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IT Automation Services & Machine Deployments

Thursdays @ 3:00PM MT

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What will you learn?

Here are some of the topics that will be covered in the live demo:

Automating new computers from the OOBE with OneTouch or use WebStart to configure existing machines from the desktop.

Easily adding MSI’s or EXE’s for your RMM, BDR, AV or Line of Business app to your Configuration Profiles using our Custom Installer feature.

Leveraging your RMM tool to remotely join the machine to the client’s Active Directory domain.

Learn from our team!

Join our MSP Toolshed team for a discussion and Q&A about collaboration, innovation and powerful automations.

Bill Stucklen

Bill Stucklen

CEO & Visionary

Josh Ishack

Josh Ishack

Lead Automation Consultant

Sarah Mikel

Sarah Mikel